1 Preconditioning Oil + 1 Shampoo bar BUNDLE SAVE 25%

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This bundle contains 1 KÁDO Passionfruit preconditioning Oil + your choice of KÁDO Natural Shampoo bar.

Be welcome to our family by saving 25% when you buy this bundle. 

This bundle will help you to add moisture to your hair, giving your hair more strength, lustrous shine and growth. The best is: using clean beauty products.

How to use it?

First, apply KÁDO Passionfruit. Shake the bottle well until the oils are mixed. Apply to dry hair (normally 5ml to 15ml) and massage through to spread uniformly. Wait 30 mins to shower. Shower and wash hair normally with  KÁDO's solid shampoo to remove excess. 

PLEASE NOTE: Use KÁDO Passionfruit 1-3 days per week or whenever your hair is in need of extra protection.


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