Why did I start KÁDO Ecoconut?

KÁDO products are inspired by a connection to nature and a tropical way of life.

I was raised on a farm on a high plateau in the mountains of southern Brazil. I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by nature, fresh air and the beautiful landscapes of Brazil. We could hear birdsong, came into contact with incredible animals, and on clear days we could look over lush forests down to the ocean in the distance below.

Growing up in Brazil, family figured prominently in my life and no one more so than my grandma. She would sew clothes in vibrant colours and always wore tropical patterns. My grandma showed her love for us by making and giving. One of those things she would do is make coconut soap for the entire family.

This connection to nature and showing love by giving was part of my day to day life as a child and without realising it so to were influences of Brazils vibrant, loud, and colourful culture.

Remember those colourful tropical patterns my grandma would wear. Well those vibrant colours and patterns originated in the Brazilian Tropicalia movement. 60 years ago Brazilians started embracing their multiculturalism and Tropicalia  marked a true revolution in Brazilian music, visual arts, theatre, cinema, fashion and architecture. Today you can still see patterns and designs inspired by Tropicalia almost everywhere – even here in Australia!

Tropicalia is a celebration of tropical living, a love for life, and importantly the spirit of merging influences to create something Unique.

At KÁDO, we are inspired byTropicalia. Taking the movement’s core principles we have merged the Brazilian and Aussie to bring something UNIQUE to you and your family.

When I moved to this country I was surprised by the similarities between the Brazil and Australia. Both are countries defined by their unique geographies, a connection to nature and open friendly cultures. While writing this very article I can hear birds singing outside my window. If I close my eyes, I can almost see the landscapes from my childhood and the ocean below those mountains.

This is what KÁDO products are about, they are about a connection to sharing, nature and creating something unique. We want to celebrate our way of life in these vast tropical countries and for you to be able to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the world around you.

We make COCONUT SOAP with Brazilian recipes and natural Aussie ingredients and products.  Everything has been carefully chosen to benefit your skin, your family and the environment and we know you’ll notice the difference. We are also constantly thinking of ways to reduce our footprint by using only recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Nature, sharing, and the creation of something unique: this is what KADO is about and we want you to be part of it.

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