How to perfectly shave anywhere of your body?

If you want your legs to feel as silky as the bedsheets we sleep on, you need to pay attention when shaving.

This tutorial can be applied to any part of your body. 

Using KÁDO Cocoa & Mango Shaving Bar is much more pleasant than a handful of cold gel. It’s fun, satisfying, and feels amazing. Promise!

To avoid any missed hairs and mishaps, follow these commandments and never suffer from red bumps again.



Here’s what you should do:

  1. Prep your skin

Your skin is going to end up healthier, happier, and much more comfortable if you take the time to wet it first. Showers make this easy if you shaving your body, but using the tab should be completely fine for beard shaving. (Remember, the only distinction of our products is between types of skin/hair, we do not distinguish them by gender).

  1. Lather

Building your lather in a bowl is the traditional method, but lathering directly on your skin gives you an extra layer of exfoliation.

If you like the idea of the bowl method, swirl with a loaded brush in a bowl to start working up a lather. After 20 to 30 seconds you should have a soft, dense, luxurious lather.

  1. Apply your soap

If you lathered your soap in a bowl, use your brush to apply it to your skin.

If you decided to build your lather directly on your skin, start by rubbing the Cocoa & Mango Shaving Bar on the area you want to shave.

Using a small amount of pressure, keep rubbing in a circular motion with your hands until a lather starts to form. You’re looking for something with the consistency of whipped cream. Once the relevant area is covered with lather, you’re good to go.

  1. Shave away

Hold your razor at about 30 degrees. Pull it over your lathered skin gently. Use short strokes and don’t apply any pressure.

Moving the razor in the same direction that hair grows reduces irritation and razor burn. It is recommended to use this method for sensitive areas. But experiment with going in the opposite direction to find out what works best for you.


Make sure to rinse off your razor after every few swipes. This gets rid of any hair and lather that might get in your way. When you’re done, rinse off and enjoy your newly smooth skin.

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